3 Tips To Negotiating For Yourself

Fundraisers have made a career of asking supporters and prospects to dig down deep into their wallets and support any number of causes. When it comes to seeking out more money for themselves, however, the conversation often comes less naturally.
During the Fundraising Day in New York 2017 session “How to Negotiate with Your Boss and Your Donors,” Jamie Lee, associate at She Negotiates, guided attendees through how best to represent themselves in salary negotiations.

Discussion points included:

  • Go in with an understanding of basic negotiation framework. Include small talk, be sure to make questions open-ended, frame discussions around mutual benefit, trade considerations of value, and find a way toward an agreement;
  • Research, prioritize, and represent yourself. Look at websites such as Payscale.com, Glassdoor.com, and Salary.com for market-rate salary data and also reach out to alumni, colleagues, and acquaintances to get a sense of the market. Ask about how the organization defines value and success and consider moving parts in addition to salary, such as benefits, resources and perks. Evaluate those aspects all while highlighting what you bring to the table; and,
  • Avoid demands and making it personal and remember what they say about assumptions. Don’t set the bar too low, because your minimum salary will become your starting salary. Also don’t demand a specific salary or resort to gossip along the lines of “So and so makes $X and I am better than him.”

Don’t assume anything and do not take a new position unless you are sure that it will be a good mutual fit.